How to Talk Horse

The Ultimate Training Curriculum for a Happy Relationship With Your Horse!

If the genie from the bottle gave your horse three wishes what would he or she ask for?

Interesting question right? After 30 years of traveling all over the world, working with tens of thousands of students and their horses, I have the answer. I discovered that the three things your horse wants more than anything else in the world.

It is for YOU to be a…

Better Rider
Better Leader
Better Communicator

These three things will totally change the relationship between you and your horse in the most wonderful of ways.

You and your horse will be more confident together, more in tune with each other’s movement, and together you will form that special bond that lasts a lifetime.

I have wanted to write this curriculum for a very long time. Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of some close friends who have invested over $150,000 to help me film, edit and produce this program, I am excited to launch a progressive new curriculum called “How to Talk Horse.” In it I share my secrets on how to read horses, solve problems and bring out the best in them no matter what breeds and disciplines you enjoy or what level of rider you are, from recreational to advanced, even professional.

Teaching is my passion, my talent, my life. I’ll be sharing proven, powerful strategies and techniques with you, starting with a compassionate connection, because even a good technique can be applied with a bad heart.

How to Talk Horse is a completely new approach to horse-education

At its core, this ten-module program gives you the keys for developing a happy horse and happy relationship starting with these three essential cornerstones: Connection, Relaxation and Responsiveness.

  • Quickly know how to improve your horse’s behavior
  • Specific and easy to use results-oriented training Modules
  • The Modules focus on specific behavioral goals to solve common problems and develop key qualities essential for any discipline
  • The freedom to move around as desired, or follow the Modules sequentially
  • Clear instruction videos
  • Straight forward instructions
  • Self-evaluation and improvement strategies
  • Progress wall-charts keep you on track

Here’s Proof that How to Talk Horse Will Help You Achieve Your Goals With Your Horse

If you’ve been searching for a step-by-step blueprint to a successful partnership with your horse, you’ve finally found it.

I am so excited for Linda’s new curriculum as I feel it is something that has been needed in the horse industry for a long time. There are a lot of techniques out there but do people really understand how to solve the problems they may be having with their horses? Can they accurately read their horse and know what to do? Linda’s curriculum will give students, professionals and anyone in the horse industry the answers to all these questions and more! As a Happy Horse Happy Life instructor, I have first hand seen massive transformations in students and horses in a short amount of time with this information. As a student myself, I have a deeper understanding of what I now need to do to take my horsemanship to the next level. The best part is that throughout this whole learning process Linda makes it easy to understand, motivating and the outcome is progress, happy people and even happier horses.

Courtney Crane

HHHL Instructor

I have been reviewing Linda’s program since March. I have had some time to not only utilize the program with my own horses, but teach it as well. Having a path to follow is so important! Linda’s framework is the 10 modules. They can be used both as a way to make a plan for progress as well as diagnostic tools to find our missing pieces so that we can solve our own puzzles. The core behaviors in the first three modules are such a great place to start! They cover a great majority of many of the bumps in the road we commonly encounter as well as give us the strategies we need to develop the partnership we all dream of. Personally, I feel the remaining modules will just be icing on the cake.

These are exciting times. I feel so fortunate to be part of such a remarkably empowering program!

Coach Kristi Smith

HHHL Instructor

Linda Parelli’s new curriculum, How to Talk Horse has been revolutionary for my partnership with my mare. I have had the privilege to be learning directly from Linda for the past seven months so I have been able watch and experience her new curriculum develop over that time. I have studied other natural horsemanship in the past, and this new way of looking at psychology based horsemanship has transformed the way I interact with all horses. The heart of her program helps me to see what is missing quickly, and address the challenge I am having so I can progress towards my goals. Linda is an amazing teacher, and this new system does not disappoint! The pathway on HHHL is laid out in a way that is easy to understand with self-assessments, written examples/explanations as well as tons of videos! This program is designed for every type of learner who wants to take their relationship to the next level with their horse.

Rosie Kerkvliet

Linda Parelli’s Apprentice

Thinking of having a Happy Horse at all times, is a game changer. Having a diagram of Linda’s heart curriculum has been remarkable! I have a clear focus on what is important to my horse relationship and my leadership! I feel I have a better understanding of what to do with whatever horse shows up! Linda gives us the how, why and what to do about it!

As we move up the heart design, you must have each step before you can get the next. I know I must get the Relaxation before I can expect Responsiveness. When that is in check I can build Confidence, Impulsion and Flexibility. This will create Harmony Energy Purpose and Power! She has created a clear picture and it’s easy to understand.

It’s a privilege to watch a Master at work! Linda Parelli is empowering all of us to become better horseman and horsewomen!

Cheryl Almasy

HHHL Member

With the strategy’s from How to Talk Horse, I was able to set my goals and know how to accomplish them! Implementing Linda’s curriculum has transformed my horses! I was struggling with a runaway who felt trapped and wouldn’t stop pulling to get away. Being able to go out every session and check if we have connection, relaxation, and responsiveness; and if not how to get it back to get the most out of our time together has changed the way I see horsemanship! I am beyond thankful for Linda and how she is never complacent with the ways that we can better help our horses. I’m so excited to continue to dive deeper into the curriculum and learn and grow alongside all of you. Just remember, aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps, that makes the journey complete.

Kelaiah Johnston

Linda Parelli’s Apprentice

I am really loving how easy to navigate the modules are!

I am enjoying the flow of videos and text, supported with documents/illustrations. And, what I love most is the mix between psychology and tasks!

It feels like we will create more well-rounded horsemen & horsewomen and therefore happier horses!

Here is to a happy life for horses & humans together!

Thank you for all your hard work!

Elli Pospischil

HHHL Instructor

Tools & Training to guide you through the curriculum.

In How to Talk Horse we provide you with videos, pictures and text for each lesson, so you’re never guessing how anything should be done properly. You’ll receive self-evaluations to assess where you are and what you need to work on before every module, printable progress charts, training plans, checklists and so much more! It truly is a complete step by step blueprint to a successful partnership with your horse.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In the 10 Training Modules

Module 1: Connection

  • The nature of horses
  • What horses need
  • Rewards
  • Too much love, too little love
  • Leadership
  • How to Read a Horse
  • Connection Game
  • Matching energy
  • Stay Back!
  • Come to Me
  • The Connection Game
  • Horse BEHAVIOR & FIX: practical horse-behavior strategies

On completing this module: You will enjoy a horse that is connected to you rather than everything else around. One that is a better learner, performer and partner.

Module 2: Relaxation

  • Trust me
  • Lower the head
  • It’s not a trap
  • Lots of breaks
  • Back-Up to improve trust and respect
  • Stand Still – The Parking Spot
  • Mini & Maxi lateral flexion
  • Mini & Maxi disengagement
  • Horse BEHAVIOR & FIX

On completing this module: You will enjoy a relaxed horse that is a safer and happier horse free from the tension that compromises training and performance.

Module 3: Responsiveness

  • Non-Negotiables
  • Awareness – Who is moving who
  • Lightness – Timing of the release
  • Three ways to go backwards
    – Handling – From the halter and bit, hands on chest, back and forth next to a fence
    – Riding – From the Bit, rope or strap around neck, from your feet (softly flapping)
  • Three ways to go forwards
    – Handling – From the halter (around you), tapping stick (bounce lead rope to stop), Stay with Me –  next to your shoulder
    – Riding – Tap the shoulder, tap the hip, from your seat, from your legs
  • Three ways to move the forehand (Ok it’s a few more!)
    – Handling – From your hands, from the stick, with your energy (hand gestures)
    – Riding – Stop by bending the neck (halt, walk, trot), loose reins (one hand), finger under the rein, short reins (two hands), give outside rein to turn, neck rein, guiding stick
  • Three ways to move the hindquarters
    – Handling – From your hands, tapping with a stick, with energy (hand gestures)
    – Riding – With your heel, from your hip and leg, tapping with a stick
  • Lowering the head and neck
  • Stay forward on a circle
  • Go and Park – emotional fitness
  • Coordinating your aids (Headlights)
  • Be ready! (Barking orders)

On completing this module: You will enjoy the feeling of riding a responsive horse one that feels light, soft and a joy to handle and ride.

    Module 4: Confidence

    • How to build it, how to destroy it
    • YOUR confidence
    • Expose and expand (new things, extreme confidence, small spaces, etc.)
    • Touch This
    • Jumps
    • Water crossing
    • Trailer loading
    • Best place to be is with me!
    • New environments – how to prepare for the first experience
    • Spooking
    • Other horses / riding in company
    • Learning
    • Trust and respect
    • Confidence & curiosity = super learner

    On completing this module: You will enjoy a dramatically enhanced feeling of confidence for confidence is the key to learning and training excellence. More importantly, a confident horse is both happier and healthier.

    Module 5: Impulsion

    • Balance forwards and backwards
    • Importance of “back up” / rein back
    • Speed control by the numbers (1-4) – The bit and saddle are going at this speed
    • Transitions between gaits
    • Flow forward
    • Ready to go
    • Ready to slow
    • Downward transitions without pulling the reins
    • Sustain gait
    • Complimentary exercises

    On completing this module: You will understand that Impulsion means “go” and “slow” are in balance. It is the key to good riding and control through understanding rather than force.

    Module 6: Bending

    • Fix the Brace (stiffness)
    • Develop flexibility
    • Mini & maxi bends
    • Bit Position – Follow the bit, follow my body
    • Latitudinal Flexion
    • Longitudinal Flexion (stretching)
    • One Rein Suppling
    • Triangle Rein
    • Anchor inside rein (learn outside rein)
    • Flexion Rein
    • Skis and Headlights
    • Leg yield – straight lines & circles

    On completing this module: You will understand that bending and flexion create suppleness, better balance and straightness. It relieves stiffness and develops healthy biomechanics.

    Module 7: Harmony

    • The key to harmony
    • I’ll start it, you finish it (Assign the gait, the task, etc.)
    • Invite versus command: I’m doing this, how about you?
    • The secret of invisible aids
    • Bit Positioning (on the circle, in a direction, etc.)
    • Promote willingness
    • Healthy Movement
    • Rhythm and relaxation
    • Flow from this to that
    • Quality assurance – the rider (timing, balance, clarity)
    • Quality assurance – the horse (relaxation, responsiveness)

    On completing this module: You will enjoy achieving a soft feeling in every interaction with the horse, which is a worthy goal for the mindful rider.  There is nothing more beautiful than the synergistic union of horse and human.

    Module 8: Agility

    “Agility allows me to continue to work on basics and yet raise the bar for my horse to be physically challenged and mentally engaged. Love it!” – Anne D.

    • Effective position
    • Balance
    • Rapid transitions: Engagement is readiness – Go, stop, back up, right, left, slow, fast…
    • Endless transitions – simple and advanced
    • Turns and circles, big and small
    • Shoulder In / Haunches In / Half Pass
    • Jumps
    • Laterals
    • Flying Changes

    On completing this module: You will understand that agility is the key to mental and physical collection. It naturally produces a state of readiness and develops athletic ability in both horse and rider.

    Module 9: Purpose

    • The importance of goals
    • How to set and sequence your goals – especially for your horse. What do you want him or her to become? Note: “Happy” is not a purpose, that is about the quality of the relationship, no matter what you do
    • Choose your fun! (Liberty, dressage, jumping, reining, cow-working, trail, bridle-less riding, long-reining…)
    • How to give everything a purpose – Purpose gives you motivation to progress, improve and learn more.  It helps guide your training plans. Best of all, it gives you something to celebrate as you achieve milestones on the way!
    • Pressure versus pleasure
    • How not to get nervous
    • Balance your training exercises

      On completing this module: You will understand that purpose gives horsemanship and riding more meaning. It gives you a goal, keeps you motivated, growing, and makes you a better leader for your horse.

      Module 10: Power

      • What is power, when do you want/need it?
      • Developing positive power
      • Averting negative power
      • Strength, speed and energy
      • Performance mindset
      • Maintain confidence (relaxation) in performance – (Heart Rate Monitor)

      On completing this module: You will understand how to use power without force, add brilliance to performance, maximize your horse’s talent and discover the key to positive energy and exuberance.


      The results produced by this curriculum are even impressing me! I’m watching horses and people transform quickly, with a lot less effort and a lot less confusion. The goal of each module is clear, and the lessons and exercises are simple yet powerful. As you become a better leader, a better rider and a better communicator, your horse becomes happier!

      – Linda Parelli

      The How to Talk Horse Curriculum Will Be the Best Investment You Have Ever Made With Your Horse

      The curriculum is currently ONLY available to Happy Horse Happy Life members and is included at the Instructor, Mastermind and Achiever Level Memberships.

      How to Talk Horse is available to Happy Horse Happy Life Insider members at a $500 discount for a one-time payment of $499 which includes a free $50 gift certificate in our online store, or 12 payments of $49.99.

      You must be a member of Happy Horse Happy Life first in order to purchase How to Talk Horse – If you are not a member, simply sign up by clicking the buy now button below. The curriculum will be offered to non-members in early 2022 for $999.

      Please be aware that modules 1-3 are available at once. The remaining seven modules will be released over the next six months as the filming for each module is completed. All will be released this year.


      How do I get access?

      How to Talk Horse is currently only available to members of Happy Horse Happy Life. It is included at the Achiever and Mastermind levels. You will get immediate access to the course if you join on either of those membership levels.

      If you sign up as an Insider ($19.99/month) you can go to the Courses section of the ‘HHHL’ website and will have the option to purchase the curriculum for either a monthly payment or at a discount (plus $50 store credit) with a one time fee.

      What exactly do I get?

      How to Talk Horse is 10 training modules with video, text, pictures, printable downloads such as self-evaluations, training plans, checklists and more. Three of the modules are available right now with the remaining seven coming over the next few months.

      Who is How to Talk Horse for?

      “Would you characterize the course as a foundational course that would suitable for very beginner horse person, or more as a course appropriate for someone that is already past some certain stage in their horsemanship journey?”

      All of the above – because it is horse-behavior focused. So you can do it at a preliminary level as well as advanced and professional.

      Do I own the curriculum after payment?

      You won’t own the curriculum so to speak, but as long as you remain a member of Happy Horse Happy Life you will retain access to the training curriculum and any updates that we make to it. In 2022 it will become available to non-members who wish to purchase it outright for $999.

      Why do I need to join HHHL?

      We firmly believe that the community we’re creating in HHHL is an integral part of your journey to becoming a better horseman or horsewoman. We want you to be able to ask Linda and our Instructors any questions you might have and share your progress with the rest of the people who are also moving through the curriculum.